08/06/2021 09:15 AM - 10:00 AM ET


Fridays and Saturdays June 25 - August 14


BANDE CARDIO FIT - Fridays and Saturdays @ 9:15 AM

This class highlights everything bande does best in an efficient (and addicting!) format. Our 45 minute class combines cardio and sculpt training in one. Cardio blasts will get your heart rate pumping while Barre fundamentals are merged with compound full-body movements designed to strengthen and lengthen. Cardio Fit hits every muscle. Your endorphins will be flowing.

Headlining Instructors for bande's Hamptons Summer Series :

Bergen Wheeler
Fanatical NYC following. A dichotomy: her workouts are brutal but she will make you laugh. A former professional dancer and Innovation Director at Exhale, Bergen is driven by a desire to change people’s lives through movement and fitness. She has a deep understanding of the ways in which fitness impacts our mental and physical health, and she’s skilled at helping others tap into their strength and power. Bergen also has an innate ability to hold people accountable and help them push through their limitations.

Julie Weisman
"Think less, feel more, sweat it out." With over fifteen years of experience in the fitness industry, Julie has helped people all over the world enjoy the gift of exercise. As a former dancer for the NY Knicks and the Miami Heat, her connection to music and movement are felt in every class. Julie believes fitness is about passion, not perfection. She will push you a little bit further than you think you can go and leave you feeling empowered and accomplished after every class.

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